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This is the place to find next generation pattern recognition, filtering, and artificial intelligence technology and applications.

Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

If you have a complex data or control problem involving categorization, classification, prediction, automation, or optimization, let us combine our powerful AI technology and extensive application experience to provide you a solution. Our AI libraries offer high-quality object-oriented neural nets, genetic algorithms, traditional search algorithms, and knowledge-engineering methods (expert systems). We make use of proprietary evolution/training algorithms to optimize the appropriate technology(s)…

CyberSym Blogs

We have a series of blogs covering topics in science, math, technology, health, education, and also their relationship to society and everyday life. Check them out!

Our Consumer Privacy Policy

We take consumer privacy seriously! Read how we handle information about customers and web-site visitors. We never sell or give away names, phone numbers, or addresses provided to us during product ordering. We retain some of that information in our own secure offline databases for purposes of product support and notification about new products…